[EN] Devblog 3 - Looking backward and forward

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    • [EN] Devblog 3 - Looking backward and forward

      Devblog 3 - Looking backward and forward
      [Blocked Image: https://feralbytes.ch/index.php?file=42&size=400]

      In the first Devblog of the year we'll take a look behind us to see what has changed so far. But we don't want to rest in the past for too long, so we'll also give a preview of the 5th commit and news from and about Feral Bytes in general.

      Last year...
      ...the development of Mephitis 2.0 took off. This may not seem really interesting for the one or two, for which are to blame the big software companies. Today's versioning policy is disturbing, aimed to fulfill marketing goals, but we still want to provide a comprehensible way to distinguish between major release, minor release and bug fix. Even so, the big ones tend to increase version numbers at shorter and shorter intervals, even though they only provide slight changes and bug fixes. Anyone who really grapples with the Mephitis code will find it easy to realize that there are worlds between version 1.0 and 2.0 alpha, which became the reason for us to discontinue 1.1 development. But unfortunately in times where everything must be bigger, newer, better, more fancy so small numbers seem downright insignificant.
      In our view, the world deserves a slow down. It lacks stability. we want to provide products, on which you can rely and they don't change from day to day in order to become the "hottest shit". This does not mean refusing modern concepts. Only our priorities are fundamentally different: Our core business is to develop a high-quality content management system and not to put unimportant things in the foreground in order to distract from bad work.
      We evaluated all the code lines of Mephitis 1.0 and compared them with Mephitis 2.0 alpha. We done this to make it clear that our source has changed a lot (click to enlarge).

      [Blocked Image: https://feralbytes.ch/index.php?file=49&mode=full&size=250][Blocked Image: https://feralbytes.ch/index.php?file=50&mode=full&size=250]
      [Blocked Image: https://feralbytes.ch/index.php?file=51&mode=full&size=500]


      ...we work hard on the 5th commit. We spend a lot of effort in database optimizations, which means that some tables now use the memory and all other the innodb engine. That's a great performance boost and the database relations help us for increasing database integrity. At the same time, new classes and functions have been written to address the database more efficiently and more dynamically. Some functions are rewritten to realize a better content management concept. This is necessary for further dependencies.

      Changes at Feral Bytes

      In Devblog 2 it has already been announced that our team has increased. The growth continued, so that we would like to mention the following contributors to the team:
      • Xennie as Programmer, Template Designer and System Architect
      • Thooms as Programmer
      • Xenion as Reader and Social Media Assistant
      We are very proud to have such talented and mindful growth, always with a very friendly tone and appreciative attitude. We all benefit from each other.
      In addition, we are still looking for Developers and a Social Media Manager that are interested in Mephitis and Feral Bytes.
      As a web developer, you should meet the following criteria:
      • Fluent German in speaking and writing
      • Having fun something new or optimizing
      • Comply with agreements
      • Working self-reliant and self-motivated
      • At least basic knowledge in PHP 7 / CSS 3 / HTML 5 and object-oriented programming
      • Mavericks and autists are welcome to participate in the development
      As a social media manager, you should meet the following criteria:
      • Fluent German and English in speaking and writing
      • Having fun in socializing
      • Dealing with unexpected situations
      • Stylish and professional, but easygoing tone
      • Comply with agreements
      • Working self-reliant and self-motivated
      We provide a friendly and respectful working environment, where your participation is esteemed. You have many possibilities to contribute to the project in different tasks or from scratch.
      In times when many take everything for granted and many believe that open source software grows on trees and has long forgotten that this development time costs, it is particularly difficult to be treated respectfully. If one's own work, time and effort are not appreciated, this is a big frustration factor and makes life difficult for open source developers. That's why we want to thank all our followers for their strong interest and curiosity about Mephitis! It is you, our community, that encourages us to continue.
      We would be very happy if you write us your feedback here in the comments, in the community board, on twitter or mail.

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